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Irene Krimizi creates phenomenological sculptures that ask questions to the viewer instead of indicating a forced meaning. Whether it is through the use of human sensory, surface, texture, form or materials it will take the viewer a step closer to the history of the past memories to create a deeper connection with the work. Merleau-Ponty argues that the true meaning of phenomenology can be found only in ourselves and nowhere else, it is not possible to understand the existence of anything unless you experience it yourself. Therefore through the use of materials she creates multisensory events for people to experience the artwork and find a unique connection with it.


The work is not simply a visual display; vision separates us from the world where the other senses unite us with it. The tactile sense is commonly used in her work allowing the spectator to ‘touch’ in to his/her memories. Vision uncovers what the touch already knows; therefore with the sense of haptic memory one can see through the materials and without even touching the broken glass can feel the pain of being cut.  

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