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Drawing inspiration from ancient artifacts, Irene Krimizi creates one-of-a-kind sculptural vases. Clay is the primal matter. Using hand building techniques, such as coiling and pinching, she aims to create forms that bridge the past with the present, in a constant conversation with the echo of civilizations throughout history.
Her work is a product of the knowing hand; the hand that grips the physicality and materiality of thought to transform it into a solid picture. The path is never predetermined, but rather an impromptu journey in search of new forms —the final result, a collaboration between the artist and the material, carries a meaning of its own.
She believes that all senses, even vision, are extensions of the tactile sense. She strives to create pieces rich in texture, evoking the haptic memory that will lead one to see through the matter, to feel the scratchiness of the rough surface. Vases unglazed, allowing our vision to explore the surface, sense each ripple and ultimately reveal the past and transformations of the material.  Other times, glaze of wood ash and local clay -handpicked by herself from various places in Greece- adds a touchable origin with a story to tell.
As Pallasmaa stated, «All matter exists in the continuum of time; the patina of wear adds the enriching experience of time to the materials of construction. But this fear of the traces of wear and age is related to our fear of death; and therefore, we constantly aim at an ageless perfection». 

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